Kanji Necklaces – Kanji Bracelets: we hand make all of our Kanji necklaces and bracelets. The Kanji is individually hand painted on each pendant – no two are alike – each is as unique as the person who wears them. Our Kanji necklaces and bracelets are simple but elegant and honor the traditions of Kanji. For a complete list of all our Kanji necklaces and bracelets – Click Here

Kanji is worn as an outward expression of an individual’s inner Chi (spirit). It is thought that through Kanji expression the inner Chi is both re-affirmed and strengthened.

Custom Kanji Necklaces and Bracelets– we love to make Custom Kanji jewelry. If you have a Kanji symbol, a word, phrase or tattoo the you want made into a Kanji necklace or bracelet, we would be pleased to make it for you – contact us  and tell us what you want! We also make two sided pendants – you could have “Love” on the front and a person’s name in Japanese on the back.

About Kanji – Kanji has it’s roots in China. In the 3rd century, Buddhist monks fleeing from China sought sanctuary in Japan and brought with them China’s written language of Kanji. Japan did not have a written language of their own but with the increase in trade with China, Japan soon adopted Kanji.

The Monks developed the highly creative forms of Kanji calligraphy art we see today. Kanji symbols are beautiful, spiritual and truly powerful in effect and design.

What Makes us Different -we designed our pendants – we have them made just for GoKanji.biz – we hand paint all of our Kanji ourselves – we make the necklaces and bracelets ourselves. This ensures a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Ask yourself, “Would I rather have a necklace or bracelet that was made specifically for me, with hand painted Kanji where no two are alike or, do I want a kanji necklace or bracelet that has been mass produced with a computer drawing program and a laser machine.”

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase – no questions asked.

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